“The life cycle of matter consists of several phases. In some of those phases matter can momentarily turn into a contaminant or waste, for example matter can leak or spill away from its original location, or it may accumulate in a new, unexpected place. 

In my work, I depict fuels in their various forms and phases: ancient lifeforms and plants that have become compressed deep within the layers of the Earth, the blackened soil of the first oil fields, uranium atoms splitting silently in deep water, and corium forming as a result of reactor meltdowns, black rain that sprays out of the ground after being released by the pressure of newly punctured layers of sediment, the slowly shrinking coal heap in front of a coal plant, and the carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulfur, which rise up to the sky from the plant’s chimneys. Matter is squeezed deep beneath the sediment layers, only to later escape as gases into thin air.”

BFA Exhibition, 2022, Photographer Tuure Leppänen
Imeväinen, 2022, oil on canvas, 80x65cm, Photographer Tuure Leppänen
Aine puristuu kokoon, 2022, oil on canvas, 113x138cm, Photographer Tuure Leppänen
Sydänsieppari, 2022, Photographer Tuure Leppänen
Muistuttaja, 2022, oil on canvas, 27x22cm, Photographer Tuure Leppänen