Meri Hallenberg

Works /  CV / Projects
                      Järkäle (2021)
                    Vihreä (2018)
                    Lähiö (2016)

Lähiö (2016)

All the places that appear in the paintings are from the surroundings of Hallenberg’s childhood and youth in the suburb of Koivukylä, Vantaa. Some of the paintings have been finished in the actual locations.

“Wastelands, the spaces that are not included in the town planning, the in-between areas, where the places change to something else, are a characteristic part of the suburban environment. These paintings are pictures of these kind of places. Places, which were important part of my experience of growing up and becoming an individual. The places outside the yard and hidden from the eyes of adults, gave me a new kind of opportunity to occupy the space.”