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                      Järkäle (2021)
                    Vihreä (2018)
                    Lähiö (2016)

Järkäle (2021)

Järkäle is Meri Hallenberg and Liisa Kuusela's collaboration, which explores the artists' yearning for the mountains. The Järkäle installation imitates a mountain landscape and was implemented at Galleria Huuto in Helsinki during the summer of 2021. More than 300 meters of hand-painted, ink-dyed Japanese washi paper was used to create the installation.

The artists exchanged correspondence with each other about the project's themes and excerpts from the letters are available in Finnish, English, and Swedish.

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Photographer Jani Luoma

Photographer Otto Lowe

Construction design executed by Frans Autio, Photographer Otto Lowe Construction designed by Frans Autio, Photographer Otto Lowe